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Training is your opportunity

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Investing in order to succeed

The 5 online training courses offered were created to
transform your knowledge into real skills.


What is excellent training if not an intelligible recipe
that we reproduce to quickly obtain results?

Now it's up to you to choose the recipe that seems best suited to you.

Our online trainings

DevelopING your knowledge

communication skills

International marketing

How to maximise your entrepreneurial potential?

Intercultural & Neurosciences:
2 pillars of emotional marketing

Emotional intelligence:    
the asset  for career success

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How to maximise your 
entrepreneurial potential?


Do you want to actively and convincingly take action so as not to waste time? Do you want to innovate? To reinvent yourself?

But perhaps you feel held back or are still hesitant to take the step into entrepreneurship? As Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those things you see when you lose sight of the goal. "

So leave the old ways aside and come connect with what will speak to you to move you forward!

You are offered an extremely interactive and well-studied training for you to:

  • Understand the value of self-assessment for an entrepreneur

  • Learn to concretely use the 4 fundamental keys of a powerful entrepreneurial approach

  • Multiply the capacities you have to bring out a strong entrepreneurial posture

  • Acquire a customer vision

  • Know how to analyse and create a business model / plan in correlation with the objectives set

Availability of this training:

October, 10th 2022


Developing your knowledge

skills in communication


Do you want to communicate effectively and in a relevant way, to quickly move towards what you aspire to? Are you ready to perfect your projects with better agility? Do you want to deal with stressful or uncomfortable situations much more easily and feel less overloaded?
Developing your communication skills will be of great help to you.

This is why this training includes all the ingredients for you:

  • Being able to position yourself / assert yourself in interpersonal relationships

  • Dynamically leading a group while creating cohesion

  • Knowing how to establish a constructive, professional relationship climate

  • Mastering the primary analysis of behavioural factors and anticipating conflict management

  • Understand time management to better anticipate stress management

  • Developing a real, conscious observation of the various situations encountered

Availability of this training:

October, 10th 2022

Espace de travail moderne

International Marketing


Do you have the ambition to broaden your entrepreneurial vision and open up to the world?
Or, do you want to reinvent yourself and reach out other markets beyond the one you already know ?

It's perfect ! All you have to do is let yourself be guided by this online training.

The recipe that will make your project a success involves you:


  • Designing the international environment of a company

  • Discovering the factors involved in international development

  • Understanding the challenges of customer relationship management (especially remotely)

  • Declining the marketing components on an international scale

  • Studying the different possible strategies for your overseas market 

Availability of this training:

October, 10th 2022

Création d'un site

Intercultural & Neurosciences:
2 pillars of emotional marketing


Do you want to understand what goes beyond your product / service?
Do you want to broaden your vision in order to stand out and access an untapped field of possibilities? But above all, you have understood that the subjects presented were now essential and synonymous with efficiency and sustainability.
So let us accompany you!

Indeed, at the end of this training, you will be fully able to:

  • Consider the universal dimensions and factors of interculturality for a foreign market

  • Prepare for the solicitation of a foreign market

  • Rely on the natural functioning of the brain to analyse behaviour (prospects / customers)

  • Establish a strategically reliable and solid marketing process

  • Develop specific, effective, coherent and innovative strategies

Availability of this training:

October, 10th 2022

Emotional intelligence:
the asset for 
career success


Do you have ambitions where the relevance of their achievement requires numerous interactions, negotiations, daily contacts? You want to have the right posture and the right attitudes to access a stronger professional future without wasting time? Then you have come to the right place!


Regarding this training, the components constitute are a real advantage for you  :


  • Establish a better self-knowledge in order to increase your possibilities of opportunities

  • Focus on the quality of your relationships to easily develop a win-win relationship

  • Better manage your emotions to channel them and take advantage of the missions and professional opportunities offered

  • Reinforce the strengths of your personality and deploy a professional plan for the future in an effective way

Availability of this training:

October, 10th 2022

Looking forward to training you!

  Léa Agbo