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The world through your eyes

On an international scale, the question to ask yourself  is:
does my client speak the same language?

It is not only a question of knowing the language itself, but to know the hooks in terms of codes,
which will allow a business relationship of trust and proximity.

This is the purpose of the Globalisation Programme!

A global vision for
  International Ambitions!

HavING a positive impact on
your trajectory

Our commitment

The Globalisation Programme is a private coaching course with 2 components:

  - The 1st part is an assessment on an individual scale. Together, we take stock of the situation. The focus is on you in order to answer the following questions: “What is/are my current project(s)?", "Where do I place my (new) priorities?", “To what end?", "To get to…?"

  - The second part is a strategic / operational assessment. Together we focus on the professional international-intercultural aspect. The focus is thus on knowing your (future) client(s) and the international targeted market(s).

This program is unique in the world.
It is the only one combining personal and intercultural development
with a strategic business aspect.


I coach you for 4 weeks!

Together, we will allow you to materialise your vision and make a difference through the innovative realisation of your projects, your mission.


​​ You have the opportunity to turn you dive in

different pragmatic universes in order to shape your expertise and personalize

approach your market.


The goal: to mark a decisive turning point in your international entrepreneurial development.


I personally guide you through a strategic and cultural approach in direct relation to your personality and the objectives you have to reach.

So that all the opportunities you will encounter are transformed into real success. 
It is about putting the focus on how:

  contribute to the creation or consolidation of your competitive advantage
  bring you visibility regarding your partnership and perception of the targeted foreign market

  act on areas for improvement and make changes to initiate and support your development.

MaterialisING your vision
your ambitions


Labyrinthe - Coaching Business 3.png

     ►  asserting your strengths and discovering the extent of your possibilities

►   using the most suitable intercultural strategy

  ►  communicating effectively to create various business opportunities

►  clarifying your challenges understanding of your contacts and international partners

►  having a 360 ° view of the market you want to position yourself.

You will avoid :

Misunderstandings that can, quite simply, ruin a partnership agreement (even already well under way)

Inappropriate preparation for entering a foreign market

Investing time, energy and resources into a project without being fully prepared for it

Altering the trust that your current strategic partners have placed in you

Damaging your reputation with your customers

This program has been specially designed to strengthen your agility and
the legitimacy necessary to an international entrepreneurial credibility.


StandING out for success
Make the difference!

​​​​ Exclusively Go for win-win agreements


​​​​ Increase efficiency & strategic insight on targeted international markets

​​ Adapt to culturally different entrepreneurial environments

Your results
Our mission


and fACING
your ambitions

The key to your success



Scope of the PROGRAMme

Purpose of the PROGRAMme


To prepare entrepreneurs, executives, directors and managers for the scenarios they will encounter during their expansion .


By building bridges between who you are, what you do, your ambitions and the market in which you want to engage.

Personal development, cross-cultural aspects of a project and business strategy .

To strengthen your business vision and make your progress in a foreign market a reality. Privileged axes: coherence and visibility. More concretely ...

I will personally coach you to save you time and energy, and maximise your insight and efficiency. The Globalisation Programme is here to open you up to universal knowledge and avoid facing obstacles that you would not have considered.






















Your vision











A question ?
Do you need more details in relation to your project?
I would be happy to discuss it with you.  Do not hesitate to contact me.
Mob: +33 (0) 7 78 64 53 25

Looking forward to coaching you

  Léa Agbo

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They trusted me ...

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Julien, Senior Process Engineer

"The manufacturing and production workshops continually seek to improve their products and tools, and to meet the challenges of international competition and market developments.


It is in this environment that I evolve as a process engineer where I am continually required to design new manufacturing tools or improve existing ones. It requires a taste for innovation and for being creative.


The program that Léa offers has given me the opportunity to better develop my projects and above all, to prepare and present proposals in a much more adequate and therefore convincing way to my foreign clients.

The results quickly followed. I now have the ability to analyse, hear and envision from many angles. These new skills, as well as a better ability to assert myself, have allowed me to access rare and exceptional missions.


Léa demonstrates great professionalism. She knew how to take concrete examples applicable to my profession and was always very attentive. I thank her for her enthusiasm, her relevant support and her authenticity. I recommend the program 100%. "